Space Ape Beats

A collection of 3 collages made for Space Ape Beats. 

The brief was around creating artwork based on the original film series of ‘The Planet of The Apes’ (this is what the artist samples for their beats), linked with a dystopian feel. The artist also wears a mask of Caesar, who appears as an adult in the final two films.

I first looked at photos of Caesar and how I could have him on the covers. I wanted to also add to the dystopian feel with Caesar‘s piercing eyes staring out at the viewer, similar to Big Brother imagery. 

Another aspect of the films that stuck with me, were these desolate landscapes that had been destroyed by the nuclear bombs and constant fighting between humans and apes. These bleak and vast deserts were current throughout the start and end of the film series. There’s a scene from the start of the first film, where the humans are walking through this never ending desert, seeing faces in the rocks, terrified of what they will find. This was what I wanted the covers to reflect.

The covers are 3 handmade collages, to give a more authentic feel than just digital collaging. Working with the artist, they even made preview videos to share on socials, which can be seen in the link below.

︎︎︎︎Space Ape Beats