D&AD Dr. Martens x Radio Centre Brief

The D&AD brief was to ‘harness radio’s potential to connect customers old and new with Dr. Marten’s spirit of rebellious self expression. Use its power to evolve the brands current platform: What do you stand for? #STANDFORSOMETHING’.

I created the ‘Make Your Mark’ podcast and recorded a selection of 25 second radio adverts, each with a different song, old and new. I also created a selection of three different artworks that reflected Dr. Martens rebellious self expression.

'Make Your Mark' is seen as a demand and a call for response from the public. It is a challenge to a weak and easily mislead society. Dr. Martens and the people that wear them have always changed perceptions on identity.

Throughout history, subcultures and youth communities have made their mark on all aspects of life, whether it be fashion, music and even as high up as the government. Dr. Martens has always supported self expression even when it was seen as rebellious. Make Your Mark reflects the political struggle and artistic talent, both of which are big parts of Dr. Martens history.

I wanted the collages to reflect the phrase ‘Make Your Mark. They are raw, energetic blasts of yellow over new and old images of Dr. Martens wearers. They range from 1980s working class, 2012 alternative dressers and the great Pete Townshend of The Who revolutionising what people wore in England during the late sixties.

These artworks combine the rebellious force of the earlier Dr. Martens wearers and the artistic freedom of more contemporary wearers. ‘Make Your Mark’ is a progression on the current Dr. Martens advertising allowing the viewers to still engage with the brand digitally and physically.

I want to get across a feeling of artistic expression alongside a need to be heard. Make Your Mark demands the wearer reacts to their ever changing environment. It is a call for society to engage with the world. Don’t just sit there and watch others, get up and make your mark.