Dynaudio Music App

To develop concepts for Dynaudio’s speaker app into a real life, manageable application.

Dynaudio is a Danish speaker company specialising in high end speakers. They wanted an app that would allow users to easily play the music they loved through their new line of speakers.

Design concepts had been created by another agency, however a majority of the app architecture hadn’t been considered or designed, which meant we had to review and update the app concepts.


My role throughout this project was as a UI designer. I worked on the app from the very beginning through its nine month build period. I mainly worked on keeping the branding and design styles consistent throughout and uploading the final designs for the developers, however I also worked on UX wireframes, planning out how new sections could work.

I took part in user testing, which really helped me understand the target audience and how they engage with the product throughout several iterations. I also created app store assets both for the App Store and the Play Store.