Archiving Sound

This project is a response to the way the music industry controls what is accessible. This is a collaboration with designer Emma Balebela. We wanted to highlight how some music is accessible online however there are artists currently not allowing their music to be heard by the majority. We used a cassette tape because it is another way to make music only accessible to a certain audience. It is a physical representation of how music can be kept from the majority.

Cassette players are rare and not easily accessible to a younger audience. Therefore when the user has the cassette they are in a similar dilemma, not being able to hear the music. Tidal released Kanye West's 'The Life Of Pablo' only on their streaming devices, this angered me and Emma because the only way we could hear the album was through this company. We decided to create this project to show the frustration with the current music industry, one that only releases certain albums to a select audience for the first few weeks; raising their downloads and making listeners sign up to hear their favourite artists.

︎︎︎︎Archiving Sound