Secret 7” Vinyl

Artists and designers create vinyl single-sized cover art for a choice of seven songs. 100 per song get picked to be displayed at a gallery exhibition, and on the final day they're all sold (for £50 in previous years) and the proceeds given to charity.

You don’t know who created the sleeve, or even which song it’s for, until you have parted with your cash - the secret lies within.


My song was ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. With this song I took the line, “Imagine there’s no heaven.” I think this lyric is very important because it talks to a religiously dominated society that often hides behind religion to gain power and wealth. I wanted to reflect the tone of voice Lennon was pushing, one of negativity towards the bad sides of religion.

For the ‘Imagine’ cover I researched key Christian art throughout history, because I wanted it to relate more about heaven and creation than just a depiction of Christ. The image I have used is one of God creating the universe and heaven by poet - artist William Blake. I then painted over the word ‘imagine’ to show the direction Lennon was coming from in his song. 

The vinyl was chosen and exhibited at their location in Sonos Studio in London. My work is on the Secret 7 website and was sold on their Ebay page for £280.