Higher Powers

This project began with me collecting all of my Tesco receipts from the past year and a half, I realised that I spend a lot of my time in the supermarket giant and wondered how I could turn this into something creative and relevant.

I recorded eight different sections from every receipt ranging from year, month, day, hour, minute, amount of items bought, pounds spent and pennies spent.

After finding the average for each one I plotted all eight results onto line graphs and created a simple shape from the final numbers. I then copied the shape seven more times and rotated them equally around the original shape and filled it in black. The final outcome was a shape that resembled how our money and time get taken up by these larger companies.

I wanted to take this theme of control and turn it into a clothing company using these themes of higher powers and Capitalism. I wanted to set it in an intense atmosphere almost like the brainwashing techniques used in the films 'The Ipcress Files' starring Michael Caine and 'A Clockwork Orange'.