To create a website design for Audiogum’s artist and song database. There are over 200 million artists on the database and even more songs, which Audiogum uses to create relationships between songs, artist and genres.

They use the data to help improve recommended songs and artists for their app partners (Like Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’). The site had to allow for quick discovery of artists that had missing Wikipedia data and other faults in their info. Also it had to allow the user to update relationships between other artists and genres quickly and easily.


I wanted to show how the data could be visualised in an interesting way.

The way the developers show genres and artists relationships is through a tool which clusters similar artists together. This was such a powerful graphic, that would amaze people to see how vast and connected their music taste is.

I then wanted to push the website further by designing a concept for future music discovery; where users could see their music profile as clusters of different artists. The user could quickly scroll through their very own music map and discover new artists or genres related to their own music tastes. They could even preview songs from unknown artists.

The company used the original designs I had created to help improve updating their back catalogue of artists.